We only ever use 100% organic ingredients

We’ve learnt that the term ‘organic’ doesn’t always mean that all of the ingredients used are from an organic source. Only when 100% is added to the term can you be assured that the care has been taken to guarantee all the ingredients used have been grown in an organic environment.

Choosing 100% organic ingredients is the only way we can feel confident knowing that our juices don’t have the chemicals, pesticides or GMOs used in the growth of non-organic produce and we’ve built close relationships with farmers across the UK to insure our fruit and vegetables are grown in a non-toxic environment.

We choose to spend our money on organic produce, not only for our peace of mind but for the nutritional benefits it provides. It might be more expensive than buying non-organic but we hope you’ll agree, it’s money well spent.



We believe that biodynamic agriculture is the key to a sustainable, healthy future. Because of this we use biodynamic produce where possible and aim to have access to 100% biodynamic ingredients in the future.



Based on the view that nature is a living, sustainable organism, biodynamic methods are designed to stimulate and sustain a farm’s inherent fertility using the integration of crops and livestock. This enables a farm to be a self-sustaining unit and not only that, but it also creates a unique individuality to the fruit and vegetables grown, dependent on the type of animals chosen to sustain it.